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IMG_1177We’re doing our 10th anniversary extravaganza at Kings Place in London this Sunday. It’s a 4pm performance, and we’ve got six new pieces by some lovely composers. We are very excited to have new pieces from John White, Matteo Fargion, Stefan Thut and Travis Just, as well as some new music by Tim and James. Without giving too much away, there will be Brazilian rhythms, harmonicas (at least six), storytelling, some noise guitar and a lot of shouting, some unplugged electric guitars and a lot of walking, glamorous assistants, wine reviews, a little singing, Berlioz, and the normal mix of items from our respective recycling bins. Here’s a photo of the setup for one of the pieces in the meantime.

Tim Parkinson 
- Time With People, Opus 1 (2012)

Stefan Thut - two strings and boxes (2) (2012) Premiere

Matteo Fargion - Songbook (2014)  Premiere

James Saunders - you say what to do (2014)

John White - Wine Connoisseurs Shoot-Out (2014)  Premiere

Travis Just - It’s All True (2010/14) Premiere


The concert is at 4pm in Hall 2. Come and join us.

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