Parkinson Saunders consists of the composer performers Tim Parkinson and James Saunders. Seated at two tables, their instrumentation comprises any sound producing means other than conventional instruments. This can include lo-fi electronics, ordinary objects, toys, vocalisations and other natural sound sources, resulting in a table-top orchestra of possibilities. Their repertoire centres around experimental music that can be realised in a multiplicity of ways, and music that involves very elementary sound production.


They have performed at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Cut and Splice, BMIC Cutting Edge, Q-02 (Brussels), SAN Expo, Oxford Museum of Modern Art, Borealis Festival (Bergen), Blurred Edges (Hamburg), York Late Music Festival, Soundwaves and Tate Modern, as well as being broadcast on BBC Radio 3.


Full List of Past Concerts

15.07.12    Kings Place, London

01.03.12   Audiograft, Oxford

08.11.11   Martinskirche, Basel

21.09.11   Word Event Conference, Bath Spa University

15.07.11   Music We’d Like to Hear, London

16.07.10   Soundwaves Festival, Brighton

11.07.09   The Drawing Room, London

08.05.09   Westwerk, Hamburg

26.03.09   Borealis Festival, Bergen

12.12.08   Listen/Space, Brooklyn, NY

14.12.08   Listen/Space, Brooklyn, NY

07.11.08   Bath Spa University

28.10.08   Kings Place, London

18.09.08   Cafe Oto, London

05.07.08   Expo Festival, Brighton

21.06.08   Soundwaves Festival, Brighton

09.06.08   Lost and Found symposium, Oxford Brookes University

14.12.07   q-o2, Brussels

13.12.07   q-o2, Brussels

24.11.07   Cut & Splice, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

07.06.07   York Late Music Festival

05.04.07   Contemporary Music Oxford, Modern Art Oxford

12.10.06   Cutting Edge, London

18.05.06   Keith Talent Gallery, London

16.09.05   Tate Modern, London

19.11.04   Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

07.06.04   Goldsmiths College, London

18.01.04   Barbican, London

18.12.03   St Cyprians London

17.12.03    St Pauls Huddersfield

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